Chronicles from Leri

by Lucynine

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    Special Guests: John Baggott (Robert Plant, Massive Attack, Portishead), Gigi Giugno (Braindamage) and Miss Lara.

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Lucynine is a solo project by Sergio Bertani (MSDOS, GKW), project in which he plays all the instruments and that features important collaborations: John Baggott (Robert Plant, Massive Attack and Portishead), Gigi Giugno (Braindamage) and Miss Lara (famous DJ and voice, here narrator).
Lucynine debuts February 9th 2013 with “Chronicles from Leri”, a 5 songs EP for about 25 mins of music.

The sounds: from Pink Floyd's psychedelic shades to Napalm Death's violent outbursts, from Black
Sabbath's gothic and slowed atmospheres to Bristol sound's urban and dark openings, with a few “Sonic Youth like” noise and post-punk spots.

The events: the apostate and blasphemous monks of Lucedio, the abandoned cemetery of Darola, the fresco on the ceiling of Madonna delle Vigne chapel, that score, that music which can free the Lord of Evil, and then the nuclear disaster of Leri and its blind survivors, their community without rules and ethics, the complete lack of the ability to discern between good and evil, the new Babel Black.

A dark path where introspective moments alternate with real history and legend.


released February 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Lucynine Cuneo, Italy

Lucynine è il nuovo progetto solista di Sergio Bertani in cui si fondono psichedelia, rock, metal, trip-hop, noise e postpunk. Il primo traguardo è l'EP “Chronicles from Leri”, ricco EP dalle sonorità variegate, ma fondamentalmente rocciose e cupe.

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Track Name: Eyes of the Swallow
We're here alone
You and me and the flesh

God will stay far away from here
Just me and you and the rain

Have you ever seen
the eyes of the swallow?
Have you ever been
a sad word to swallow?
Have you seen the gypsies, the fields of corn,
the trees of black?
What do we care, what do we care?

What do we care, what does it matter
What do we care, what could be better
No path to follow, no master to serve
We get in life what we deserve

Have you ever seen
the eyes of the swallow?
When it flies away in autumn
and you won't follow.
Track Name: Black Babel (feat. John Baggott)
Light is over,
the sun turned pitch black,
no time left for choices...
Oh, please, stop it all, I couldnt get my last frame.


The sun turned pitch black.

No one listens to livid colours,
forces flowing to the glorious rebirth of Babel.
We'll bring the Chaos.

Track Name: Illuminato (feat. Gigi Giugno)
it lamre lit meny forfemia
ic pitishke davarishe

And there is you
who needs
another one
exactly like you,
in order to exist,
in order to make sense.
But when I stare
at you I sneer
facing the void
facing the vacuum.
No more patience, no more mercy,
no more efforts, all is over, dressed in black.
I am solace
I am solace
Track Name: Vetyver 717 (feat. Miss Lara)
Ascolta il suono del Nulla, poichè il Nulla è rimasto a far vibrare l'aria.

Rivestirà il nembo i nostri volti immacolati e rapiti dall'estrema visione.

Soffoca l'urlo l'inconsistenza della materia, ne coglie l'intenzione il vento.

L'attesa di un momento che già non è, soffiato in gola dall'implosione del tempo.

Le mie mani sono sporche di vita.